Indian Constitution Course for Law Entrance Exams & Law Students

For Law Entrance Exam : CLAT/ AILET/ BHU/ MAH CET/ PU CET/ Delhi University

Course Details

No of Videos


Course Price

Rs 2000/-

Course Language

English & Hindi

Course Description

The Indian Constitution course is created to make sure that you are able to understand and learn Indian Constitution quickly & easily.

How to join the Course?

1. You can pay through Google Pay on +91-8968461351

2. After payment send a screenshot to with your email id. We will add you to the course.

3. For any query related to the Course email at You can contact us through a Whatsapp Call also on +91-8968461351

Key Features

FAQ's about the COURSE

1. On which platform will the course be made available?

The Course will be made available on Youtube. The videos are private videos that will be opened for you when you enroll for it.

2. How many videos are there?

The format of the course is in the form of videos and there are 20+ videos.

3. What is the purpose of the course?

It helps in all 5 year and 3 year law entrance exams. Also, law students can buy this course. The purpose is to make Indian Constitution a cakewalk for everybody.

4. What if I have any problem with any of the concepts related to the course?

You can send an email @ and the instructor would solve your doubts.

5. Till when the videos will be open after I enroll

One Year

6. Can I get a demo lecture?

Yes, click here

What Our Students Have to Say

Hello mam hope you are doing good. I am following you from very long time because of all your videos of constitution course and by studying this all my paper was so easy i am very very thankful to you made me to love law as a lawgirian and i am so proud of that only because of your motivation and sincerity lots of love tysm.
Delhi University
I was not able to understand Indian Constitution at all and I had my exams. So, I enrolled for Law Giri's course and now my concepts are crystal clear. I also scored 80+ in my college exams which was a far-fetched dream for me.
Law Student, Kurukshetra University
I studied Indian Constitution by myself and I was not able to understand anything. After that I opted for Law Giri's course. I was not only able to understand everything for Law Entrance Exam and clear it. The course also helped me as law student. You must take the Course.
hammer, horizontal, court
Gurvinder Singh
Law Student, Panjab University
I was not able to read newspaper and then I consulted Law Giri mam. She suggested that I should enroll for Indian Constitution Course because I will be able to understand the basic working of Indian governance. I am now easily able to understand The Hindu. Thanks to Law Giri
Ritika Kumar
CLAT Aspirant

Demo Lecture

Important Committees & Commissions for Law Entrance Exams

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