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Law Giri is the fastest growing legal platform of India. 70,000+ monthly views. The website has genuine visitors and we have more than 10,000+ registered users on our website.

Law Giri has 1,54,000+ followers on Youtube. We have a following of about 10k on Telegram and 22,600+ on Instagram.

The charges for advertising on Law Giri’s Website are as follows:-

1.      Homepage at top : Rs 15,000/- per month

2.      Homepage at the bottom: Rs 10,000/- per month

3.      On other pages: Rs. 5,000/- per month

If you want an yearly package, you can email us at

*Banner creating charges extra

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The information was last updated on 4th July, 2022

Our Story

We are a team of Advocates running our Law Firm. We are here to help Law Students, Law Entrance Aspirants, Lawyers & Litigants.
We have done our Law from various Law Schools in India and abroad.

When we started with our Law Entrance preparation, no one was there to help us. Thereafter, as a Law student, it was difficult to figure out: How to study law? How to do Internships? How to acquire legal skills?

Thereafter as an Advocate, no one was there to tell us this is the right way. We know each and every secret, now! So, you don’t need to worry. We are there with you to help you out.

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Office: Law Giri Headquarters,
Sector 34 D, Chandigarh

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