Openings for Internship at Law Giri 

Write Articles

  1. Current Legal Issues 
  2. Static Legal Issues 
  3. Creating articles related to different topics important for law entrance exams like CLAT, AIELT, SLAT, DU, MH CET, PU, etc 
  4. Creating Tests for  for law entrance exams like CLAT, AIELT, SLAT, DU, MH CET, PU, etc. 


The articles written by various content writers need to be edited. If you are good with editing articles. You can apply for this post. 

Researching for Internship opportunities 

Write articles related to internships available for law students. 


You can be a researcher with regard to any of the following categories:-

– Current Legal Topics 


-Any other topic related to Law 

Eligibility Criteria 

  1. Should be a Law Student (5 year course or 3 year course or LLM) or a Lawyer
  2. Should be ready to write or edit minimum 15 articles if applied for the post of content writer or editor. 
  3. If applied for the post of finding internships then you need to submit 30 articles. 
  4. It is an online internship 
  5. It is not a paid internship 
  6. If your work is satisfactory and your head thinks that you have done good work then only you will be given a certificate. 

How to apply? 

Step 1: Resume and Statement of Purpose 

You need to write down that which position you want to opt for and why we should select you for that particular position. Send the Resume at 

Round 2: If your Statement of Purpose and Resume are selected for the second round. You need to write, edit or research and send the work to us. The topic would be allotted by the HR fellow. 

Round 3: If your work is selected. You will be informed about the same through an email. 

It is important that every week you work on at least one article, research or editing work. It is your job to bug your head to give you some work. 

Submit a Guest Post 

Topics with regard to which you can submit a post are:- 

  1. Review the Law Institute where you are studying : Send the identity card with the review. We won’t the ID card but you need to prove that you study in that law institute. 
  2. Review any Organization that you have interned with 
  3. Synopsis of Recent or Landmark Judgments 
  4. A detailed research related to any current or previous laws or legal news or acts or amendments 
  5. A book Review (Choose a book related to Law) 
  6. You can also email us and ask us that which topics we want you to write on by doing so your chances of getting published on our website increase 

You can send the guest post at 

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