How to prepare for NLSAT Law Entrance Exam?

NLSAT law entrance test is an exam conducted by NLSIU, Bangalore. I have shared three videos in this article.

  1. How to prepare for NLSAT: I have shared about the syllabus of the exam. I have also talked about the books that you should study the topics from. Thereafter, I have talked that how you should study for this exam. I have also shared a day to day schedule in this video.
  2. Analysing the sample paper: NLSIU, Bangalore has given some set of sample papers to give us an idea that how the exam is going to be like. In this video, I have analysed the sample paper and shared that how one should study keeping in view the sample papers.

How to study for NLSAT Exam?

Analysis of Sample Papers of NLSIU, Bangalore

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