IIT Kharagpur Student Review

How is the everyday working or life at your college? (Daily Schedule) 

Right now we are in online mode so there are 5-7 hours of classes everyday online.

How are the students in your class and batch? (Friendly or not/ serious about life or not) 

Students are very intelligent and they look to be passionate. Even one IAS officer is doing law with us and  that’s a great feeling personally for me.

Did your college organised any activities to break the ice between you and your classmates, batchmates and seniors? 

Yes the college have organized various meetups in online mode which was very helpful for interaction with batch mates.

Is there any interaction with the seniors or not? (Are the seniors helpful or not) 

Seniors are very very helpful they themselves organized various meetups and tell us about the working of the system in college and about the academics. They also educate us about how to do case research, how to write papers,moot court, internships etc.

Seniors also organize time to time meet up with alumni which are well established in their fields.

How is the faculty? 

Almost all the professors are best in their subject domain. They are very supportive and always open to interaction and feedback. We can also have personal interaction as our batch size is so small(36)

How much fees are you paying per year and what are the other necessary expenses that you have to incur? (What is the total expenditure per year for a student studying in your college)

As we are in online mode so the total fee for this year I have paid is around 1,55,500 in which hostel fee is included which they will adjust in next year fee if the college didn’t open this year.

Is your college making sure that you participate in any extra curricular activities? (if yes, how and which activities) 

As of now the extra curricular activities are not there due to online mode but some activities which are possible like poetry, debates, essays, chess competition etc are organized by the college. 

Is there any help that the college provides when it comes to applying for internships? 

Yes there are some companies which come in college for Internship like hero, samsung etc. And if the student is not able to get internships offer by themselves than the professors also refer students for Internships.

How do you feel to be a student of your college? (Confident/ Proud/ Not that good) ( Explain Why) 

Its the IIT tag which had drawn me in the beginning. And now as i am here I got to know why its called the best institution not only in India but also at world level.

Would you recommend your college to other wanna be lawyers? (Why) 

Yes if one can afford(loan facilities are easily available) and want to have the experience of an eminent institution environment and a good placement then its the best college. 

If given a chance, will you choose any other law school over your law school? 

Coming from the engineering background its the best suited college for me.

What you want to tell students you are planning to take admission or are confused between your law school and some other law school?

I just want to say that you will always stand out in the fraternity as when you tell someone that you are from IIT.

Tell us something about placements

In the first round of placements which started on 1st Decemeber, 2021 : 27 students out of 46 were placed with average package of 10 lpa. In companies like hero motocorp, TVS, Chadha and Chadha, Bosch, Samsung etc.

Sachin, IIT Kharagpur
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