Indian Constitution Law Course


A very warm Welcome to Law Giri’s Class. We hope you are able to remember and learn Indian Constitution in a better manner after going through the Course. If you have any doubts, you can contact the instructor through email i.e. or call on +91-8968461351 and book a doubt session call with the Instructor.

The links of the Video lectures are as follows:-

  • Fundamental Rights

I. Right to Equality

II. Right to Freedom

III. Right against Exploitation/ Right to Freedom of Religion/ Cultural and Educational Rights/Writs

  • Union Executive & Legislature

1.1 Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha

1.2 President & Vice President

1.3. Important Posts in Parliament

1.4 Important Concepts & Terms related to parliament

1.5 Legislative Procedure

1.6 Important Parliamentary Committees

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