In this blog, I have discussed everything that you should know as a Law Student with regard to Law Internships. Also, I have shared some videos on every step that you watch and then move on to the next step for 100% success in achieving your goals as a law student.

Step 1: Starting a Planner & Noting down the goals that you need to achieve (In this video, I have discussed the goals that you need to set as a law student)

Step 2: Not all the goals that you are required to achieve as a law student can be achieved in a day. So, here is a video wherein I have discussed that how to can divide your goals for each semester

Step 3: It is time, to do some real work. Let’s make a Resume. In case, you need more help with your resume. You can book a paid session with Law Giri wherein she herself will help you out with the Resume making process . Book a session, here

Step 4: Start Applying for Internships. But first watch some basic videos about Law Internships. Let me introduce you to some of the videos

A. What are internships? With which Organizations can you intern as a law student?

B. How to apply for Internships?

C. There are certain mistakes that students commit while applying for Internships. In this video, I have discussed that which are the mistakes that you should avoid

D. But Law Giri, Can I start interning as a first year law student? My seniors told me to chill. Watch this video to know the answer

E. Ok fine. I will apply but they say that one is not able to learn anything while interning. So, Why should I waste my time? Watch the video below to find out how you can learn the skills of law even though the organization might not be interested in your growth

F. One last Question about Internships. Why should I intern with an NGO? Is it of any help. Watch the video below to know how NGO’s are best to start with and also know the names of some of the best NGO’s that you should apply with

Step 5: Where to apply for Internships? How to know which organization has vacancies for Internships. Check out Law Giri’s Internship Opportunities page, click here

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