Contribute: Help Law Giri

If you want to contribute money to Law Giri. You can pay through Google Pay on +91-8968461351

Even if its Rs 1 or Rs 100 or Rs 1000 or Rs 10,000 or Rs 1,00,000. If nothing else leave a heart and a beautiful comment because that will motivate us to keep on going.

The amount that you will contribute would be used to pay the salary of the employees or the bills like that of electricity, water, gas, etc. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Contribute: Help Law Giri”

  1. Srushti Mohan Choche

    Ma’am.. yours strategy, planning preparation is very good ..It helps me in preparing… We r always with u …❤️

  2. Hi di….I am very grateful for having u as a mentor….you work very hard for our good sake so thankyou so much ❤️ I am not capable enough rn to help…hope this makes u smile 😊

  3. I’m one of the new subscriber of you mam, but I’ve not enough money to pay you I’ve only 50rs mam. So, now i pay only fifty rupees mam. If I’ve more then also i pay mam.

  4. Shradha Pathak

    Thank you ma’am. U really helped in my first
    Battels . Thanks alot ❤️❤️

  5. bhavya_sharma_9999

    Didi jitna ek student se ho pata utna kar diya pr ye channel nahi rukna chaiye 🙂
    Ups and downs aate rahenge par end tak saath hum denge

  6. Shrawane yadav

    Mam, i am a student nd still on my dad’s salary but i can be a employer in law giri. I want to work for it free of cost. I wish and pray for law giri to grow. Nd ik one day the law giri will be one of the top most channel and the most demanding one. I don’t know whether this will be accepted or not. I just have basic knowledge and i am every enthusiastic nd i know this would help a lot.

  7. Devanshi Pandey

    Mam, I started my CLAT preparation by seeing your detailed videos, and now I have planned my schedule. your videos are very helpful to prepare CLAT by managing a proper timetable. thankyou mam for helping and motivating us, you are such a hardworking mentor. Sorry, mam, I am not able to contribute funds…..
    hope this short msg makes you happy !!

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