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    Law Giri

    Direction Sense Test (Logical Reasoning)

    1. Radha starts walking towards East. After walking 10 m, she turns towards South. After walking 20 m, she turns towards West and walks 10 m. how far is she from her original position? (a)10 m                                (b)15 m                        (c)20 m            (d)25 m
    2. Tom travelled 35 km from centre point towards North and then turned right and travelled 17 km and finally turned right again and travelled 35 km. how far was he from the starting point? (a)17 km             (b)16 km                      (c)15 km           (d)18 km
    3. A professor left his college and preceded towards North 4km, after seeing a signboard fro point ‘O’. on reaching the place he saw another signboard and proceeded 4 km to his right to the ‘P’ only to find that the signboard was on right of ‘P’. From ‘P’ he proceeded right to reach that place 4 km away. In which direction he has to go to reach that place from where he has left? (a) East                    (b)West                        (c)North           (d)South
    4. Starting from point A, richa walked 3m south. Then, she turned left and walked 4m. How far is he now form the starting point and in which direction?                                                           (a)5 m, South-West (b)5m North-East          (c)5 m , South-East  (d)5 m, North-East
    5. Madhuri travels 14 km Westwards and then turns left and travels 6 km and further turns left and travels 26 km. how far is Madhuri now from the starting point? (a)                  (b)                   (c)                 (d) None of these
    6. Shayam began to walk towards South. After walking 20 m, he turned to his right and further walked 30 m. then he turned to his left and walked 10 m. again he turned to his left and walked 30 m. how far is he now from his starting point?                                                                     (a)25 m                       (b)30 m                        (c)35 m                        (d)40 m
    7. Vaibhav starts moving South in the early morning. By Noon he had covered 6km and was very tired. He rested for a while. When he woke up, he forgot the direction he was travelling with a wild guess he started walking left. He walked 8 km and realized his mistake. He started walking homeward. How far is the from his starting point?              (a) 10 km                     (b)124 km                     (c)13 km                       (d) 14 km
    8. If North-West becomes West and South-East becomes East. North-East becomes North and all other directions are changed in a similar manner, then what will be the direction for south? (a)South-West (b)South-East               (c)North-East                  (d)None of these
    9. Shahid started moving towards West and walked 18 km straight. After taking a right turn he moved 12 km then he took another right turn and walked 2 km straight. How far is he from the starting point?                                                                                                             (a)20 km                       (b)21 km                      (c)22 km                       (d)23 km
    10. A shopkeeper travelled from his hop straight form 200 m. He then turned right and travelled 20 m straight after which he turned right again and travelled for 200 m straight. He then turned left and walked for another 300 m straight. How far is he from his shop? (a)500m               (b)275 m                      (c)260 m                       (d)Rama,
    11. Uma, Kusum and Suman are standing on the four corners of the square field as shown in the given below.

    If Rama and Kusum move one and half length of the side of the field clockwise while Uma and Suman move one and half length of the side of the field anti-clockwise, which of the following statements is correct?                                                                                                                                                (a) Rama and Suman are at the same place

    (b)Uma and Rama are at the same place

    (c)Rama and Kusum are at the same place

    (d)None of above

    1. Kartik was facing North. He turns left and walks 10 m then the turns left again and walks 5m. Then he turns left again and walks 30m. in which direction is he from the starting point? (a)South- West                 (b) North-East                     (c) South-East              (d) North-West
    2. A boy walks 2 km to West and then he turns North and walks 10 km. again he turns to West and walks 4 km after this he turns to South and walks 18/ km. now how far is he from his starting point? (a)10 km (b)11 km (c)12 km               (d)13 km
    3. A truck driver drives 5km towards North from his house and turns right and drives another 12.5 km. He again turns right and rives 20 km straight, then he turns left and rives another 2.5 km to reach his garage. How far is his garage from his house? (a)19.5 km (b)21.21 km                  (c)22.75 km                  (d)None of these

    Directions (Q nos. 35 to 38) The following questions are based on the diagram given below showing four persons standing at four corners of a square piece of plot as shown. There is a boundary around the plot.

    1. R starts walking straight towards P and midway he takes a 90° turn clockwise direction and starts walking again. After he covers half the distance he turns to his right. Which direction is he facing now? (a) South             (b) South-West             (c) West                       (d) North-West
    2. P starts walking straight towards Q and midway he turn to his straight and after covering half of the distance he takes a 45° turn in the clockwise direction. Which direction is he facing now? (a)South- East             (b) North- East              (c) South-West                   (d) North-West
    3. R and Q exchange their positions and move to the next corner each clockwise and anti-clockwise respectively. From there if P and S again move to the next corner each clockwise and anti clockwise respectively, what is the new configuration in clockwise direction starting from P? (a)PQRS (b) PRQS (c) PRSQ                  (d) None of these
    4. If P and S interchange their places and then S starts walking along the boundary in the clockwise direction and stops after walking one and a half side around the plot, then he is in which direction form P? (a)North-West                 (b) South-West             (c) North                      (d) South-East
    5. Two vehicles start from opposite points, which are 470 km apart on a main road. The first vehicle runs for 120 km and takes a left turn and then runs for 60 km. it then turns right and runs for another 40 km and takes the direction back to reach the main road. In the mean time, due to a puncture, the other vehicle has run only 90 km along the main road. What would be the distance between the two vehicles at this point? (a)220 km                        (b)200km                      (c)210 km                     (d)Cannot be determined
    6. Vivek starts form his office and goes towards hi house. To reach his house, he has to follow the following directions. Travel 2.5 km towards South-West, then travel 2.5 km towards North-East followed by 2.5 km towards South-East. Approximately how far is the office from his house? (a)2.5 km (b)At the same place         (c)10 km                       (d)Cannot be determined



    Answers With Solutions


    1. (c) 2. (a) 3. (b)                4. (c)                5. (a)
    2. (b) 7. (a) 8. (b)                9. (a)                10. (a)
    3. (a) 12.(c) 13. (a)              14. (b)              15. (b)
    4. (d) 17. (a) 18. (b)              19. (a)              20. (b)

    Direction Sense Test test 1 by Law giri

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