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    Law Giri

    The most common relationships found in analogies
    Hey guys. I have worked out some of the very common relationships that are found in analogies. This gives you an idea that what kind of relationships can analogies have. I am sure if you give this article a thorough reading and also make short notes of this article, it would be of great help because when an analogy based question comes in front of you, you will be able to imagine all the common relationships and easily trace out the relationship between the given analogies. And yes you should never forget that analogy based questions are the most favorite questions of the examiners. They can come in any section like that of  English (Vocabulary based analogy); Legal Aptitude (Legal G.K based analogy) and also in Logical Reasoning. So, in the nutshell you need to be an expert in handling these types of questions.

    The most common relationships are as follows:-
    1. Defining character of a particular type of person or a thing
    For Example:
    a) Courage: Hero
    Relationship- Courage is a defining characteristic of a Hero.
    b) Election : Democracy
    Relationship- An election is a defining characteristic of a Democracy.
    2. Lack of something
    For Example:
    a) Rain : Drought
    Relationship- Lack of Rain is a defining characteristic of drought or lack f rain is known as drought.
    b) Hope : Pessimism
    Relationship- Lack of hope is a defining characteristic of pessimism.
    3. The first word is the pair is a specific kind of the second word
    For Example:
    a) Anger : Emotion
    Relationship- Anger is a type of Emotion
    b) Mural : Painting
    Relationship- A mural is a type of painting
    4. The first thing is a part of a second or vice versa
    For Example:
    a) Letter : Alphabet
    Relationship- A Letter is a part of an Alphabet
    b) Chapter : Novel
    Relationship- A chapter is a part of the novel
    5. The second word indicates where you would find the person or thing referred to by the first word.
    For Example:
    a) Clinic : Nurse
    Relationship- A clinic is the place for a nurse.
    b) Dry Dock : Ship
    Relationship- A dry dock is the place for a Ship.
    6. Relationship of Degree – Sometimes analogy words are connected by a relationship of degree
    a) Mountain : Hill
    Relationship: A mountain is a large hill.
    b) Hurricane : Breeze
    Relationship: A hurricane is more powerful than a breeze.
    7. Tools – Some analogies are there which are based upon connection between a person and the tool that a person uses or upon a tool and the result that it achieves
    a) Wrench : Mechanic
    Relationship: A wrench is the tool of a Mechanic.
    b) Scalpel : Surgeon
    Relationship: A Scalpel is the tool of a surgeon.
    c) Painting : Brush
    Relationship: A painting is the result of a brush.
    8. In some analogies one word refers to something that is a sign of something
    a) Trembling : Fear
    Relationship: Trembling is the sign of fear
    b) Moan : Pain
    Relationship: A moan is a sign of Pain.
    9. Sequence- In some analogies one event follows another, either as a matter of logic or sequence, or as an effect follows its cause.
    a) Virus : Illness
    Relationship: A virus causes illness
    b) Explosion : Destruction
    Relationship: An Explosion causes destruction.
    10. Analogies in which one event prevents or interrupts another
    a) Pesticide : Insects
    Relationship: A Pesticide prevents Insects
    b) Rampart: Invasion
    Relationship: A Rampart prevents Invasion
    10. In some analogies, one idea is a defective form of the other
    a) Babble : Speak
    Relationship: To babble is a defective way of speaking..
    b) Stagger : Walking
    Relationship: Stagger is a defective way of walking.
    11. Age Relationship
    a) Man: Boy
    Relationship: Boy is younger one of a man
    b) Calf : Cow
    Relationship: Calf is younger one of cow.
    12. Antonymous Relationship – Opposite in Meaning
    a) Save : Kill
    Relationship: The opposite of kill is save.
    b) Kind : Cruel
    Relationship: The opposite of cruel is kill.
    13. Instrument & Measurement Relationship
    a) Ammeter : Current
    Relationship: Ammeter measures current.
    b) Thermometer : Temperature
    Relationship: A thermometer measures temperature.
    14. Blood or Family Relationship
    a) Brother : Sister
    Relationship: Brother and sister have blood relationship.
    15. The second word is a reaction that occurs due to the first or vice versa
    a) Taunts : Unpleasantness
    Relationship: One feels unpleasantness after hearing taunts.
    16. Comparison of colours
    a) Graphite : Black
    Relationship: Graphite is black in colour.
    b) Emerald : Green
    Relationship: Emerald is green in colour.
    17. Biological/ Botanical/Physical/Chemical Classification
    a) Water : Liquid
    Relationship: Water is liquid in form.
    18. Product & Raw Material Relationship
    a) Prism : Glass
    Relationship: Prism is made of Glass.
    b) Shoes : Leather
    Relationship: Shoes are made of leather.
    19. Food Habit Relationship
    a) Tiger : Carnivores
    Relationship: Tigers are carnivores.
    b) Buffalo : Herbivorous
    Relationship: Buffalo is Herbivorous.
    20. One word describes the function of the other
    a) General : Command
    Relationship: Function of a General is to command.
    21. Location Relationship
    a) Lotus Temple: Delhi
    Relationship: Lotus Temple is in Delhi.
    22. Study Relationship
    a) Botany : Plants
    Relationship: Botany is study of plants
    b) Cytology : Cells
    Relationship: Cytology is study of cells
    23. Worker/Article or Creator/Creation Relationship
    a) Cobbler : Shoe
    Relationship: The cobbler works on Shoes.
    b) Carpenter : Table
    Relationship: Carpenter is the one who creates a table.
    24. Tool Object Relationship
    a) Scissor : Cloth
    Relationship: Scissor is used to cut the cloth.
    b) Knife : Meat
    Relationship: Knife is used to cut meat.
    25. Time Sequence Relationship
    a) Dawn : Dusk
    Relationship: Dawn is followed by Dusk
    b) Day : Night
    Relationship: Day is followed by Night
    26. Sounds Relationship
    a) Cackle : Geese
    Relationship: cackle is the sound made by geese.
    b) Bark : Dog
    Relationship: Bark is the sound made by dog.
    27. Work- Tool Relationship
    a) Cobbler : Awl
    Relationship: Cobber is specialized in using Awl.
    b) Barber : Scissor
    Relationship: Barber is specialized in using scissor.
    28. Specialist- Subject Area
    a) Cardiologist : Heart
    Relationship: Cardiologist is a specialist who deals with heart.
    b) Chef : Food
    Relationship: Chef is a specialist in making food
    29. Country and Capital Relationship
    a) China : Beijing
    Relationship: Beijing is the capital of China
    30. State & Capital Relationship
    a) Assam: Dispur
    Relationship: Dispur is the capital of Assam.
    31. Country & Currency Relationship
    a) Yen : Japan
    Relationship: Yen is the currency of Japan
    32. Quantity & unit relationship
    a) Work : Joule
    Relationship: Joule is the unit of measuring work.
    33. Individual & Group
    a) Soldiers : Army
    Relationship: A group of soldiers is called Army.
    34. Word & Intensity Relationship
    a) Wish : Desire
    Relationship: Desire is of higher intensity than Wish.
    35. Part & whole Relationship
    a) Pen : Nib
    Relationship: Nib is a part of a pen
    36. Worker & Working Place Relationship
    a) Farmer : Field
    Relationship: A farmer works in a field
    37. Games & Place of Playing
    a) Skating : Rink
    Relationship: Skating is done in a Rink
    The above given are some common relationships which will help you detect most analogies better. Hope this will help and I also hope that you have noted down these analogies or you have given a thorough reading to these analogies. For more keep following us on http://www.lawgiri.com You can also catch me on Instagram @iamlawgiri.

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