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    Law Giri



    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Awkward clumsy, ungainly, ponderous, rough clever, dexterous, apt, skilful
    Apparent evident, obvious, perceptible, distinct masked, obscure, indistinct, doubtful
    Allure entice, fascinate, tempt, seduce repulse, repel, deter, distaste
    Abortive vain, useless, fruitless, unproductive effectual, productive, successful, progressive
    Abominable odious, detestable, repugnant, aversion likable, pleasant, affectionate, enjoyable
    Allay pacify, soothe, lighten, assuage aggravate, heighten, agitate, excite
    Axiom maxim, saying dictum, truth absurdity, blunder, ridiculousness, irrelevance
    Assiduous constant, diligent, attentive, persevering indifferent, careless, indolent, lethargic
    Abjure forsake, renounce, retract, revoke approve, sanction, patronize, adopt
    Abject despicable, servile, base, contemptible exalted, commendable, praiseworthy, imposing
    Aversion dislike, hatred, indifferent, apathy affection, fondness, niceness, kindness
    Authentic genuine, reliable, valid, guaranteed fictitious, counterfeit, unreal, false
    Audacity boldness, arrogance, insolence, haughtiness mildness, humility, cowardice, submission
    Astute clever, intelligent, wise, brilliant dull, unintelligent, shallow, stolid
    Abettor assistant, accomplice, colleague, associate opponent, adversary, antagonist, rival
    Abate moderate, mitigate, lessen, decrease aggravate, intensify, augment, supplement
    Arraign charge, blame, accuse, complain exculpate, pardon, condone, exonerate
    Apathy unconcern, indifference, insensitivity, aloofness concern, care, anxiety, eagerness
    Alien foreigner, outsider, stranger, emigrant native, citizen, resident, occupant
    Alacrity swiftness, briskness, promptness, speed laziness, sluggishness, indolence, lethargy
    Affront provoke, exasperate, indignity, irreverence conciliate, appease, mollify, assuage
    Adversity misfortune, calamity, misery, affliction prosperity, fortune, assistance, favour
    Antique ancient, old fashioned, primitive, of past modern, recent, novelty, vogue
    Antipathy hostility, aversion, disillusion, dislike admiration, approval, fascination, devotion
    Amplify enlarge, extend, dialation, elevate curtail, lessen, diminution, contraction


    *** B ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Bustle haste, tumult, stir, flurry slowness, sluggishness, quiet, inertness
    Brittle frail, fragile, delicate, breakable tough, enduring unbreakable, strong
    Blemish fault, smirch, stigma, stain purity, impeccable, spotless, stainless
    Bleak dismal, gloomy, chilly, dreary bright, pleasant, balmy, cheerful
    Blame reprove, upbraid, reproach, censure commend, applaud
    Benevolence humanity, generosity, charity, liberality malevolence, inhumanity,  malignity, unkindness
    Barbarous uncivilized, savage, untamed, brutal cultured, humane, refined, gentle
    Baffle confound, elude, perplex, frustrate poise, composure, facilitate, cooperate
    Bewitching magical, fascinating, tantalizing, spell binding repulsive, repugnant, nauseating, disgusting


    *** C ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Criterion measurement, test, standard, touchstone fancy, probability, haphazard, conjecture,
    Covetous cupidity, avarice greed, voracity liberality, benevolence, selfness, magnanimous
    Corpulent fat, awkward, obese, ugly thin, lean slim, delicate
    Convert  change, transform, transmute, proselytize persist, maintain, enduring, perpetual
    Convenient handy, suited, comfortable, advantageous, advantageous unsuitable, tedious, impractical, fatiguing
    Contrary dissimilar, conflicting, contradictory, opposite, similar, alike, homogeneous, resembling
    Contradict impugn, deny, oppose, confront approve, confirm, sanction, endorse
    Contempt scorn, disregard, disdain, despicable praise, recommend
    Consternation fear, disappointment peace, repose, calm, fearless,
    Conspicuous distinguished, prominent, obvious, visible concealed, obscure, hidden, unapparent
    Consolidate combine, condense, compact, strong separate, sever, weak, scattering
    Consequence effect, outcome, repercussion, result origin, start, beginning, incipient
    Consent agree, permit, exceed, assent object, disagree, dissent, differ
    Conscious aware, apprised, knowledge, informed unaware, ignorant, unfeeling, faint
    Concede yield, assent, permit, sanction deny, reject, dissent, disallow
    Comprise include, contain, consist, compose reject t, lack, exclude, except
    Compassion kindness, sympathy, clemency, commiseration cruelty, barbarity, persecution, apathy
    Concur approve, agree, consent, endorse differ, disagree, dissent, oppose
    Commodious convenient, suitable, roomy, comfortable inconvenient, unsuitable, uncomfortable, confined
    Collision encounter, clash, conflict, dissenting agreement, harmony, compatible, union
    Cherish nurture, treasure, foster, encourage abandon, forsake, renounce, discard
    Chastise punish, admonish, scold, reprove cheer, comfort, encourage, stimulate
    Chaste virtuous, pure, honourable, immaculate defiled, licentious, sullied, lustful
    Cessation intermission, pause, discontinuity, hindrance continuity, perpetuation, unceasing, prolongation
    Catastrophe disaster, calamity, misfortune, mishap prosperity, blessing, restoration, resurgence


    *** D ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Disaster misfortune, calamity, mishap, catastrophe prosperity, boon, happiness, auspicious
    Despicable contemptible, worthless, shameless, base worthy, decent, honourable, respectable
    Disdain detest, despise, loathe, scorn approve, praise, love, laud
    Deride mock, taunt, ridicule, jeer inspire, encourage, stimulate, comfort
    Deprive despoil, divest, dispossess, disinherit restore, renew, invest, endow
    Deplore lament, bemoan, complain, regret rejoice, cheer, applaud, celebrate
    Denounce indict, condemn, censure, reprimand praise, commend, vindicate, laud
    Demolish ruin, devastate, dismantle, raze repair, construct, create, erect
    Delusion deception, hallucination, illusion, fallacy reality, certainty, veracity, fact
    Delicious palatable, tasteful, appetizing, dainty distasteful, unsavory, tolerable, inedible
    Deliberate ponder, intentional, mediate, consider rash, sudden, indifferent, discard
    Degradation disgrace, dishonor, humiliation, debase exaltation, praise, triumphant, honour
    Defray meet, bear, spend, pay disclaim, repudiate, refuse, abjure
    Defile contaminate, pollute, profane, desecrate purify, sanctity, cleanse, disinfect
    Deficient scanty, inadequate, lacking, wanting adequate, ample, sufficient, abundant
    Defer prolong, suspend, postpone, delay accelerate, expedite, stimulate, hasten
    Default failure, omission, negligence, lapse perfection, vigilance, attentive, observance
    Dedicate devote, consecrate, loyal, surrender refuse, negate, prohibit, reject
    Decipher interpret, reveal, decode, transcribe misinterpret, distort, confuse, pervert
    Deceit deception, artifice, treachery, duplicity veracity, sincerity, truth, honesty
    Decay collapse, decomposition, deteriorate, purification flourish, progress, growth, development
    Daunt discourage, frighten, agitate, intimidate encourage, animate, embolden, inspire
    Dainty elegant, delicate, refined, exquisite clumsy, coarse, unpleasant, insipid


    *** E ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Exult brag, rejoice, applaud, triumph deplore, lament, bemoan, grieve
    Explicit definite, intelligible, obvious, apparent hidden, vague, unintelligible, doubtful
    Exempt release, excuse, exclude, absolve confine, hold, retard, enforce
    Exalt extol,, dignify, glorify, elevate dishonor, disgrace, degrade, denounce
    Evident obvious, apparent, distinct, conspicuous obscure, concealed, hidden, invisible
    Evade avoid, elude, dodge, shun acknowledge, confront, verify, confirm
    Eternal perpetual, endless, imperishable, immortal temporary, momentary, transient, fleeting
    Esteem respect, regards, honour, reverence ridicule, spurn, despise, humiliate
    Eradicate destroy, exterminate, abolish, remove secure, plant, restore, revive
    Equivocal uncertain, hazy, ambiguous, vague obvious, lucid, clear, plain
    Epitome precise, example, miniature, summary increment, expansion, lengthen, enlargement
    Enormous colossal, mammoth, immense, spacious insignificant, diminutive, trivial, negligible
    Enlighten elucidate, educate, illumine, inculcate ignorance, distortion, delude, obscure
    Enjoin direct, counsel, exhort, command prohibit, forbid, revolt, dissuade
    Endurance submission, forbearance, tolerance, patience break down, despair, volatile, agitating
    Endowment grant, benefit, bequest, gift drawback, damage, loss, disinherit
    Endeavour undertake, aspire, venture, struggle cease, quit, shun, idle
    Encumbrance hindrance, obstacle, burden, impediment incentive, stimulant, patronize, vantage
    Encroach infringe, intrude, trespass, violate avoid, evade, shun, abide
    Embrace cling, hug, adopt, caress reject, neglect, shun, slight
    Embezzle forge, swindle, defraud, peculate redeem, restitute, reimburse, compensate
    Elucidate enlighten, clarify, expound, illustrate equivocate, confuse, distort, confound
    Eloquence expression, fluency, peroration, oration halting, stammering, indistinct, inarticulate
     Eliminate expel, oust, exclude, remove restore, accept, retain, include
    Elevate dignify, heighten, promote, raise deprecate, denounce, lower, recline


    *** F ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Fabricate construct, produce, manipulate, build destroy, dismantle, wreck, demolish
    Frugality economy, providence, thrift, parsimony lavishness, extravagance, prodigality, improvidence
    Frivolous petty, worthless, capricious, volatile solemn, significant, essential, pertinent
    Frantic violent, agitated, frenzied, wild subdued, gentle, lucid, coherent
    Franchise suffrage, right, privilege, patronize bondage, oppression, serfdom, irresolute
    Fragments scraps, residue, segment, section total, entire, gross, aggregate
    Fragile weak, infirm, brittle, frail enduring, tough, robust, tenacious
    Forsake desert, renounce, relinquish, disown hold, maintain, retain, claim
    Formidable dangerous, invincible, redoubtable, dreadful harmless, insignificant, weak, feeble
    Forerunner precursor, predecessor, ancestor, pioneer descendant, follower, heir, successor
    Foe opponent, antagonist, adversary, contender comrade, helper, friend, fellow
    Fluent  fast, smooth, voluble, glib hesitant, slow, sluggish, halting
    Fluctuate deflect, vacillate, vary, deviate stable, resolute inalterable,  constant
    Flourish prosper, triumph, thrive, blossom decay, collapse, wither, deteriorate
    Flimsy trifling, transparent, brittle, unsubstantial firm, tenacious, durable, retentive
    Fleeting transient, temporary, ephemeral, transitory enduring, eternal, perpetual, unceasing
    Fidelity loyalty, trustworthiness, obedience, devotion treachery, unfaithfulness, chicanery, definance
    Fickle wavering, unreliable, unsteady, volatile resolute, determined, inalterable, invariable
    Feud strife, quarrel, row, contention fraternity, harmony, reconciliation, recompose
    Ferocious untamed, barbarous, fierce, dangerous gentle, innocent, benevolent, sympathetic
    Feeble weak, frail, impotent, defenseless strong, robust, vigorous, resolute
    Fatigue weariness, exhaustion, exertion, tiredness vigor, liveliness, vivacity, briskness
    Fantasy imagination, vision, image, visualization reality, substantiality, actuality, existence
    Fantastic fanciful , uncommon, imaginary, marvelous ordinary, normal, customary, common
    Fanatical narrow-minded, stubborn, biased, orthodox liberal, tolerant, unprejudiced, generous


    *** G ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Guile cunning, deceit, duplicity, chicanery honesty, frankness, sincerity, integrity
    Grudge hatred, aversion, unwilling, objection benevolence, affection, goodwill, kindness
    Grisly disgusting, atrocious, monstrous, loathsome pleasing, attractive, beautiful, alluring
    Gracious courteous, beneficent, magnificent, dignified rude, unforgiving, discourteous, uncouthly
    Gorgeous magnificent, dazzling, brilliant, grand dull, unpretentious, modest, plain
     Glut stuff, satiate, overflow, cram reduce, abstain, moderate, restrain
    Gloom obscurity, darkness, dejection, disillusion delight, mirth, exhilaration, joviality
    Genuine real, authentic, creative, original deceptive, spurious, imitative, derivative
    Genial cheerful, pleasant, joyful, affable sullen, dismal, melancholy, morose
    Generous liberal, unselfish, benevolent, hospitable miserly, stingy, covetous, greedy
    Garrulous loquacious, talkative, communicative, informative reserved, quiet, taciturn, reticent
    Gallant heroic, intrepid, valorous, chivalrous coward, timid, craven, base
    Gaudy garish, brilliant, glittering, tawdry faded, dull, sober, solemn


    *** H ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Hustle hurry, haste, bustle, activity  lull, quiet, idle, motionless,
    Hypocrisy deception, affectation, trickery, illusion sincerity, integrity, honesty, ingenuousness
    Hideous frightful, shocking, abominable, monstrous attractive, alluring, splendid, appealing
    Heretic nonconformist, secularist, dissident, offender conformable, adaptable, religious, believer
    Hazard presumption, danger, peril, risk, conviction, security, assurance, certainty
    Haughty arrogant, pompous, obstinate, imperious humble, submissive, modest, inoffensive
    Harass irritable, molest, suppress, tyranny assist, comfort, tolerant, console
    Hapless unfortunate, ill-fated, hostile, doomed fortunate,, lucky, favoured, satisfied
    Haphazard random, sudden, unsorted, reckless deliberate, considered, thoughtful, discerning
    Hamper retard, prevent, hinder, obstruct promote, facilitate, foster, assist
    Haggard exhausted, lean, emaciated, gaunt exuberant, active, lively, robust
    Homely plain, coarse, unadorned, simple sauve, polished, dignified, refined
    Hail greet, welcome disregard, belittle


    *** I ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Irrepressible irresistible, unconfined, unhindered, unshackled composed, hesitant, submissive, grave
    Invincible unconquerable, impregnable, unsubdued, unbeatable effeminate, languid, crippled, fragile
    Intimidate frighten, dictate, hopeless, irresolute console, encourage, appease, hearten
    Intrepid frighten, dictate, hopeless, irresolute console, encourage, appease, hearten
    Intrepid brave, courageous, valorous, chivalrous scared, frightened, timid, cowardly
    Intricate tangled, complicated, formidable, arduous regulated, orderly, manageable, ductile
    Intrigue scheme, conspiracy, manipulation, counterplot candour, sincerity, bluntness, honesty
    Intrinsic genuine, fundamental, inherent, congenital extraneous, incidental, extrinsic, derived
    Invective accusation, censure, malediction, denunciation approval, acclamation, admiration, approbation
    Instill inculcate, inject, infuse, implant eradicate, extract, eliminate, expel
    Insolvent indigent, destitute, bankrupt, defaulter wealthy, solvent, affluent, substantial
    Insipid tasteless, vapid, savourless, unflavoured delicious, luscious, pungent, piquant
    Insinuate communicate, allude, hint, suggest conceal, camouflage, suppress, mask
    Inquisitive inquiring, curious, searching, studious distracted, negligent, indifferent, impassive
    Innocuous salutary, wholesome, innocent, harmless deleterious, baneful, insanitary, injurious
    Ingenuous undisguised, naïve, candid, guileless wily, crafty, perfidious, treacherous
    Infringe violate, encroach, transgress, trespass comply, concur, conform, observe
    Inevitable unavoidable, ascertained, imminent, substantial unlikely, doubtful, indefinite, uncertain
    Ingenious deft, proficient, dexterous, adroit unskilled, incompetent, immature, unqualified
    Indulge gratify, pamper, comfort, satisfy annoy, trouble, torment, displease
    Indolent lazy, listless, sluggish, languid energetic, vivacious, prompt, agile
    Indispensable essential, expedient, requisite, unavoidable superfluous, redundant, needless, tranquility
    Indignation resentment, ire, wrath, rage modesty, tranquility, forbearance, equanimity
    Indigence privation, destitution, insolvency, penury affluence, abundance, opulence, luxury
    Incongruous inappropriate, absurd, ridiculous, awkward homogeneous, consistent
    Incompetent inefficient, unskilled, immature, unqualified dexterous, skilled, ingenious, competent


    *** J ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Juvenile young, tender, youthful, adolescent dotage, antiquated, senile, old
    Justify defend, exculpate, warrant, vindicate impute, arraigne, accuse, incriminate
    Just honest, impartial, righteous, upright unequal, unfair, discriminatory, unreasonable
    Judicious thoughtful, prudent, discerning, discriminating irrational, foolish, misconception, fatuous
    Jubilant rejoicing, triumphant, gay, cheerful melancholy, depressing,  gloomy, despondent
    Jovial frolicsome, cheerful, merry, exultant solemn, morose, malcontent, sad
    Jaded tired, exhausted, fatigued, languish renewal, recreation, restorative, refreshed
    Jejune dull, boring, monotonous, uninteresting interesting, exciting, piquant, thrilling


    *** K ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Kindred relation, species, relative, affinity unrelated, dissimilar, heterogeneous, disparate
    Keen sharp, poignant, eager, acute vapid, insipid, blunt, undesiring
    Knave dishonest, scoundrel, vagabond, rogue paragon, innocent, benefactor, idealist
    Knell death knell, last blow, demolish, suppress reconstruction, rediscovery, procreation, resurrection
    Knotty complicated, difficult, arduous, onerous simple, manageable, tractable, flexible


    *** L ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Luxuriant profuse, abundant, dense, plentiful scanty, meager, deficient, inadequate
    Luscious palatable, delicious, delectable, delightful unsavoury, tart, sharp, sour
    Lure attract, entice, tempt, induce repel, dissuade, confute, threaten
    Lunacy delusion, insanity, madness, imbecility normalcy, sanity, sagacity, shrewdness
    Ludicrous absurd, bizarre, preposterous, grotesque balanced, congruous,, consistent, solemn
    Lucid sound, rational, coherent, sane obscure, hidden incomprehension- isle, unintelligible
    Listless lazy, inattentive, spiritless, incurious brisk, attentive diligent, agile
    Linger loiter, prolong, hesitate, delay hasten, quicken, dart, hurry
    Liberate emancipate, rescue, unshackle, absolve suppress, menacle, obstruct, detain
    Liberal magnanimous, generous, benevolence, hospitality stingy, niggardly, malevolent, malicious
    Liable accountable, bound, responsible, likely unaccountable, apt to, irresponsible, exempt
    Lenient compassionate, merciful, moderate, tolerant cruel, severe, violent, vehement
    Lax slack, careless, negligence, indifferent firm, reliable, meticulous, scrupulous
    Lavish abundant, excessive, profuse, extravagant scarce, deficient, frugal, conserve
    Lassitude languor, tiredness, weariness, lethargy vivacity, agility, animate, lively
    Laudable deserving, honourable, approvable, acceptable vicious, blame-worthy, venomous, condemnable
    Languid pensive, lethargic, exhausted, fatigued lively, animated, refreshed, restored
    Lament grieve, deplore, regret, bemoan amuse, entertain, enliven, solace
    Lag retard, falter, linger, dawdle quicken, accelerate, expedite, spurt
    Laconic brief, condensed, concise, compact dilated, profuse, diffuse, wordy


    *** M ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Mutual joint, identical, correlative, reciprocal separate, distinct, divergent, individual
    Mutinous recalcitrant, insurgent, unruly, revolutionary submissive, faithful, compliant, loyal
    Murky dusky, dreary, dismal, bleak bright, shinning, luminous, radiant
    Munificent liberal, hospitable, benevolent, kind frugal, penurious, moderate, economical
    Multitude crowd, throng, mass, swarm minority, handful, paucity, scarcity
    Morose surly, sulky, sullen, depressed buoyant, blithe, sprightly, animated
    Monotonous irksome, tedious, humdrum, insipid varied, pleasant, appealing, captivating
    Momentous notable, eventful, consequential, stirring trivial, insignificant, commonplace, immaterial
    Mollify appease, assuage, relieve, mitigate irritate, infuriate, aggravate, exasperate
    Molest pest, harass, vex, misbehave console, soothe, comfort, cheer
    Modest reserved, unpretentious, humble, courteous audacious, arrogant, pompous, vain
    Moderate limited, reasonable, lenient, temperate excessive, extravagant, violent, vehement
    Mitigate alleviate, relieve, lessen, assuage augment, enhance, intensify, aggravate
    Miraculous marvelous, extraordinary, astounding, amazing ordinary, trivial, familiar, natural
    Minute diminutive, miniature, small, microscopic large, colossal, stupendous, immense
    Mettle courage, determination, stamina, spirit timidity, fear, cowardice, diffident
    Meritorious commendable, admirable, deserving, praiseworthy unworthy, infamous, disreputable, culpable
    Mercurial variable, changeable, unstable, erratic stable, constant, steady, steadfast
    Mendacity falsehood, deception, perjury, perfidious probity, honesty, veracity, candour
    Melodious dulcet, musical, harmonious, sweet grating, dissonant, discordant, rancor

    *** N ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Numerous profuse, various, multitude, plenteous scarce, deficient, paucity, sparse
    Nullify cancel, annul, obliterate, invalidate confirm, uphold, empower, endorse
    Noxious baneful, injurious, pernicious, disastrous healing, profitable, innocuous, salubrious
    Novice tyro, beginner, debutant, apprentice veteran, ingenious, experienced, mentor
    Nourish sustain, nurture, tend, foster exhaust, starve, weaken, enervate
    Nonchalant  indifferent, negligent, uncaring, heedless attentive, considerate, vigilant, scrupulous
    Nimble prompt, brisk, lively, agile  sluggish, languid, weary, tardy
    Niggardly miserly, covetous, inadequacy, deficiency generous, profuse, redundant, excessive
    Negligent inattentive, careless, heedless, perfunctory vigilant, careful, considerate, alert
    Nefarious detestable, atrocious, heinous, unlawful commendable, worthy, upright, inoffensive
    Nauseous unsavoury, loathsome, abominable, repellent commendable, worthy, benevolent, offensive
    Native original, vernacular, indigenous, aboriginal alien, extraneous, exotic, foreign
    Nasty offensive, defiled, malevolent, malignant pleasing, gratifying, benevolent, attractive
    Nominal trifling, insubstantial, bare, negligible substantial, considerable, excessive, exorbitant


    *** O ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Overwrought excited, agitated, fervent, intense quiet, tranquil, composed, cool
    Overwhelm triumph, subjugate, overpower, vanquish flounder, falter, restore, impotent
    Oversight omission, error, fault, slip precision, observance, circumspec-tion, caution
    Overbearing oppressive, domineering, intimidating, despotic submissive, humble, lenient, forbearing
    Outrage offence, maltreatment, assault, irreverent praise, favour, esteem, reverence
    Outbreak eruption, insurrection, explosion, outburst compliance, subjection, passivity, harmony
    Ostentation display, pretension, vaunt, pomposity modesty, constraint, diffidence, economy
    Ostensible apparent, evident, obvious, overt concealed, covert, obscure, vague
    Ornamental decorative, adorned, glamorous, picturesque unseemly, plain, blemished, disfigured
    Ordain order, impose, prescribe, proclaim revoke, abolish, violate, abrogate
    Oracular cryptic, vague, enigmatic, profound lucid, distinct, intelligible, unambiguous
    Opaque filmy, dim, obscure, shady transparent, bright, translucent, revealing
    Onerous arduous, troublesome, inconvenient, formidable facile, agreeable, uncomplica-ted, flexible
    Ominous threatening, inauspicious, forebode, menacing consoling,  auspicious, propitious, comforting
    Offspring descendants, siblings, posterity, progeny ancestors, forefathers, pedigree, progenitors
    Offensive abhorrent, arrogant, insolent, imp8udent docile, compliant, courteous, captivating
    Odious abhorrent, obnoxious, prejudice, malevolent engaging, fascinating, endearing, captivating
    Occult latent, ambiguous, esoteric, elusive intelligible, transparent, fathomable, securable
    Obvious evident, apparent, distinct, conspicuous obscure, ambiguous, indiscernible, confusing
    Obstruct impede, prevent, restrain, retard hasten, encourage, expedite, promote
    Obstinate stubborn, resolute, unyielding, obdurate submissive, obedient, amenable, pliable
    Obsolete outworn, archaic, antiquated, obsolescent modern, novel, vogue, contemporary
    Obsequious slavish, servile, sycophantic, subservient insolent, arrogant, defiant, assertive
    Obnoxious pernicious, detestable, abhorrent, offensive attractive, gratifying, beneficial, desirable
    Objective goal, purpose, intentions, resolve origin, inception, deviating, subjective


    *** P ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Pungent acute, penetrating, sharp, strong mild, soothing, pleasant, palatable
    Puerile shallow, immature, childish, trivial wise, farsighted, profound, sensible
    Prudent cautious, discreet, judicious, circumspect impetuous, unwise, reckless, rash
    Provoke inflame, incite, agitate, aggravate pacify, comfort, dissuade, placate
    Protract prolong, delay, stretch, procrastinate abbreviate, curtail, abridge, compress
    Proscribe prohibit, exclude, ban, forbid solicit, include, permit, sanction
    Propitiate appease, soothe, pacify, placate aggravate, annoy, scorn, displease
    Promulgate declare, proclaim, notify, announce reserve, suppress, disguise, withhold
    Promiscuous confused, indiscriminate, casual, random regular, discriminate, orderly, select
    Profuse lavish, abundant, generous, plentiful scarce, scanty, meagre, paucity
    Profligate dissolute, degenerate, immoral, flagit9ious virtuous, upright, moral, ethical
    Prodigy miracle, marvel, wonder, extraordinary normal, average, mediocre, common
    Prodigious vast, enormous, immense, huge unimpressive, diminutive, slight, puny
    Presumptuous presuming, arrogant, affected, insolent, affected, insolent unassuming, modest, bashful, unobtrusive
    Premature precocious, untimely, mistimed, inopportune belated, opportune, timely, mellow
    Predicament plight, dilemma, fix, quandary resolution, confidence, firmness, certainty
    Precarious doubtful, insecure, unreliable, uncertain assured, undeniable, reliable, substantial
    Pompous haughty, arrogant, flamboyant, florid unpretentious, humble, coy, modest
    Poise equanimity, composure, equilibrium, patience excitement, vehemence, frenzy, outburst
    Plight predicament, perplexity, adversity, difficulty facility, confidence, certainty, assurance
    Pliant docile, amenable, pliable, submissive defiant, adamant, rigid, obdurate
    Pique offense, resentment, indignation, displeasure joy, rejoice, gratification, pleasure
    Piquant interesting, charming, tasteful, exciting insipid, nauseating unpalatable, unsavoury
    Pillage ransack, ravage, despoil, plunder recompense, recover, redeem, restoration
    Perverse petulant, obstinate, stubborn, unyielding complacent, docile, willing, consenting


    *** Q ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Questionable uncertain, disputable, dubious, unverifiable positive, authentic, reliable, substantial
    Quell subdue, reduce, suppress, extinguish exacerbate, agitate, foment, instigate
    Quaint queer, strange, odd, ridiculous familiar, usual, common, normal
    Quack impostor, deceiver, dissembler, knave upright, unfeigned, trained, genuine
    Quibble equivocate, prevaricate, evade, dissemble unfeign, plain, scruples, conscientious
    Quash abrogate, annul, cancel, revoke uphold, empower, authorize, permit
    Quarantine isolate, separate, seclude, screened gregarious, amiable, sociable, companionable


    *** R ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Ruthless remorseless, inhuman, savage, unrelenting compassionate, lenient, benevolent, humanitarian
    Rustic pastoral, bucolic, rural, uncivilized cultured, refined, urban, urbane
    Rout defeat, overthrow, vanquish, subjugate succumb, withdraw, retreat, consolidate
    Righteous virtuous, honest, upright, just unjust, immortal, unprincipled, unfair
    Reverence respect, esteem, regards, veneration disrespect, dishonor, affront, offence
    Reveal disclose, expose, unfold, divulge hide, conceal, confine, cover
    Retract recant, repudiate, revoke, withdraw confirm, assert, declare, affirm
    Remote inaccessible, farther, distant, slight adjoining, adjacent, proximate, contiguous
    Remorse regret, penitence, deplore, lament ruthless, obduracy, pitiless, relentless
    Resentment displeasure, wrath, ire, bitterness content, cheer, pleasure, agreement
    Rescind annul, abrogate, revoke, repeal delegate, permit, authorize, propose
    Repulsive repellent, forbidding, hideous, detestable agreeable, enticing, attractive, alluring
    Repugnant hostile, offensive, disagreeable, distasteful agreeable, pleasant, friendly, tasteful
    Remonstrate censure, protest, argue, expostulate agree, laud, endorse, commend
    Remnant residue, piece, part, remainder entire, whole, complete, unbroken
    Relinquish forsake, abandon, surrender, abdicate persist, continue, occupy, hold
    Redress relief, restoration, remedy, repair retribution, forfeiture, harm, degenerate
    Redeem recover, liberate, fulfill, rescue lose, barter, neglect, conserve
    Raze demolish, destroy, annihilate, dismantle restore, construct, repair, build
    Ravish captivate, enchant, seize, charm disgust, annoy, displease, oppress
    Ravage devastate, destroy, ruin, despoil restore, organize, reconstruct, renovate
    Ratify consent, approve, endorse, corroborate deny, contradict, dissent, oppose
    Rapture bliss, delight, pleasure, ecstasy melancholy, distress, sorrow, agonize
    Rapid swift, fast, speedy, accelerate sluggish, lethargic, languid, listless
    Rancor hatred, malice, resentment, bitterness love, regards, respect, friendliness


    *** S ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Sycophant Parasite, flatterer, cringing, servile Devoted, loyal, truthful, faithful
    Sway Influence, control, command, power Impotence, futility, disability, incapacity
    Superfluous Excessive, surplus, redundant, unnecessary Scanty, inadequate, dearth, scarce
    Superficial Partial, shallow cursory, flimsy Profound, discerning, substantial, deep
    Subvert Overthrow, suppress, demolish, sabotage Accomplish, sustain, generate, organize
    Substantial Durable, lasting, concrete, tangible Tenuous, abstract, fragile, immaterial
    Subsequent Consequent, following, later, afterwards Preceding, previous, prior, earlier
    Stupor Lethargy, insensibility, unconsciousness, coma Consciousness, sensibility, sensitivities, feeling
    Stern Harsh, severe, austere, rigorous Lenient, considerate, benevolent, generous
    Stain Blemish, tarnish, disgrace, stigma Honour, purify, virtuous, noble
    Stable Abiding, lasting, steadfast, constant Erratic, wavering, unsteady, restless
    Squalid Dirty, solid, filthy, odious Attractive, tidy, polished, spruce
    Spurious Counterfeit, adulterated, fake, fraudulent Genuine, positive, original, sincere
    Sporadic Intermittent, scattered, isolated, infrequent Incessant, frequent, constant, regular
    Spontaneous Unforced, instinctive, sudden unintentional Intended, devised, intentional, premeditated
    Solicit Entreat, implore, approach, accost Protest, oppose, prohibit, disapprove
    Sneer Mock, scorn, despise, spurn Flatter, praise, encourage, laud
    Slander Defame, mailing, detract, despise Applaud, approve, commend, exalt
    Sinister Woeful, disastrous, evil, ruinous Auspicious, fortunate, propitious, harmless
    Shrewd Cunning, observant, crafty, artful Thoughtless, rash, simple, imbecile
    Shallow Trivial, slight, superficial, insubstantial Profound, wise, substantial, deep
    Shabby Miserable, impoverished, deteriorated, impaired Prosperous, thriving, restoring, flourishing
    Scanty Scarce, insufficient, paucity, sparseness Lavish, luxuriant, multitude, several
    Scandal Disgrace, disrepute, indignity, defamation Praise, admiration, flattery, adulation
    Saucy Impudent, insolent, brazen, impertinent Modest, humble, esteem, meek

    *** T ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Tyro beginner, learner, novice, debutant proficient, veteran, adept, connoisseur
    Tumultuous uproarious, violent, disorderly, riotous peaceful, passive, orderly, harmonious
    Trivial trifling, insignificant, frivolous, worthless significant, important, consequential, essential,
    Trite ordinary, commonplace, stale, hackneyed interesting, extraordinary, becoming, proper
    Trenchant assertive, forceful, sharp, spirited  feeble, ambiguous, shallow, vacillating
    Treacherous faithless, deceitful, disloyal, unreliable faithful,, reliable, dependable, trustworthy
    Transient temporal, transitory, fleeting, passing lasting, enduring, perpetual, immortal
    Tranquil peaceful, composed, calm, placid violent, furious, restless, distracting
    Torture torment, agony, pang, oppress comfort, consolation, pleasure, delight
    Timid modest, humble, diffident, apprehensive bold, intrepid, undaunted, courageous
    Throng assembly, gathering, congregation, crowd dispersion, scattering, handful, scarsity
    Tenacious resolved, resolute, determined, dogged vacillating, timid, wavering, unstable
    Temperate cool, moderate, reasonable, lenient boisterous, vehement, violent, excessive
    Temerity boldness, audacity, imprudence, indiscretion discretion, prudence, caution, wisdom
    Tedious wearisome, irksome, tiring, monotonous exhilaration, lively, delightful, diverting
    Tainted contaminated, corrupt, vitiated, polluted unblemished, wholesome, restorative, pure
    Taciturn reserved, reticent, uncommuni-cative, silent talkative, loquacious, garrulous, extrovert
    Taboo prohibit, prevent, forbid, ban permit, sanction, consent, license


    *** U ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Utterly completely, entirely, extremely, wholly deficient, incomplete, insufficient, partial
    Usurp seize, wrest, encroach, coup restore, compensate, grant, reinstate
    Unseemly undesirable, inappropriate, uncouth, awkward becoming, acceptable, decorous, admirable
    Ungainly clumsy, unskilled, immature, slovenly active, expert, skilful, dexterous
    Uncouth awkward, ungraceful, inelegant, vulgar elegant, graceful, distinguished, shapely
    Umbrage resentment, bitterness, dissatisfaction, offence sympathy, goodwill, amity, esteem


    *** V ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Vulgar inelegant, offensive, nasty, ungraceful refined, graceful, elegant, civil
    Vouch confirm, consent, approve, endorse repudiate, prohibit, recant, retract
    Volatile light, changing, transient, temporal heavy, ponderous, perpetual, stable
    Vigilant cautious, alert, wary, circumspect careless, negligent, inattentive, casual
    Vicious corrupt, obnoxious, degraded, demoralized noble, virtuous, innocent, undefiled
    Vibrate swing, oscillate, fluctuate, undulate cease, pause, rest, discontinue
    Venom poison, resentment, malevolence, rancor antidote, remedy, benevolent, sympathetic
    Venerable esteemed, honoured, respectable, worthy unworthy, immature, degrade, degenerate
    Vanity conceit, pretension, immodesty, pride modesty, humility, meek, bashful
    Valour bravery, prowess, heroism, chivalry fear, cowardice, unmanliness, timidity
    Valid sound, authentic, genuine, reliable fallacious, deceptive, dubious, uncertain
    Valiant brave, gallant, courageous, chivalrous fearful, afraid, coward, timid
    Vagrant idle, roaming, wanderer, roving steady, settled, stationary, stable


    *** W ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Waive relinquish, remove, abjure, renounce impose, clamp, grasp, retain
    Wary cautious, circumspect, prudent, chary heedless, negligent, impulsive, reckless
    Wicked immoral, dissolute, vicious, nefarious virtuous, ethical, innocent, noble
    Withhold reserve, restrain, hamper, retard emancipate, liberate, dispense, release
    Wane decline, dwindle, decrease, deteriorate ameliorate, rise, revive, wax
    Wayward volatile, capricious, unstable, inconstant stable, determined, resolute, straight
    Wilt wither, perish, deteriorate, smother revive, bloom, refresh, restore
    Wield use, exercise, exert, employ abstain, avoid, forbear, forgo
    Wan pale, fade, discolour, feeble bright, healthy, colourful, gaudy
    willful stubborn, obstinate, obdurate, inexorable amenable, irresolute, pliable, yielding


    *** Y ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Yoke connect, harness, hitch, shackle liberate, release, detach, disconnect
    Yield surrender, abdicate, succumb, consent resist, protest, prohibit, forbid
    Yell shout, shriek, exclaim, gesticulate suppress, whisper, muffled, muted
    Yearn languish, crave, require, pine content, unwanted, satisfied, gratified
    Yawn gape, sleepy, slumber, doze satisfied, gratified, close, active, brisk, wakeful


    *** Z ***

    Words Synonyms Antonyms
    Zigzag oblique, crooked, winding, wayward straight, even, direct, unbent
    Zest delight, enthusiasm, vigorous, energetic disgust, passive, detriment, languid
    Zenith summit, apex, maximum, pinnacle, nadir, base, bottom, floor
    Zealot fanatic, partisan, bigot, chauvinist tolerant, liberal, blasphemy, impious
    Zeal eagerness, fervour, enthusiasm, ardour apathy, lethargy, indifference, reluctant


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