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    Law Giri

      Type 1: Completing the Analogous Pair

    This is the most favourite types of analogy tested in almost all the law exams. Basically in these types of questions two words are given and these words are related to each other in some or the other way. You are required to find out the relationship between the first two words and choose the word from the given alternatives, which have the same relationship as the first two have. Now let’s take an example to have more clarity on this type of question.

    Example: Cattle: Herd: Sheep:?

    Solution: As I said earlier we need to find the relationship between the first two words and also establish the same relationship between the other two words. Here we know that Herd is a group of Cattle. Similarly, flock is a collection of sheep.

    Type 2: Direct or Simple Analogy

    In this type of analogy question, the question of analogy is in a form of a sentence. Have a look on the example to have clarity about this type

    Example: Soap is related to Wash in the same way as Broom is related to ……..?…….

    1. Clean
    2. Dust
    3. Sweep
    4. Floor


    Solution:  In the above analogy if we try to make a relation it would be that second denotes the function of the first. If we try to make a sentence that would be soap is used for washing and broom is used for sweeping. So, here the answer is (c) sweep.

    Type-3 Choosing the Analogous Pair

    In this type of questions, a pair of is given followed by four pairs of options and you are required to select the pair which has the same relationship as the given pair has. For more clarity let us take an example.

    Example: Cigarette: Tobacco

    1. Coffee: Caffeine
    2. Milk : Bottle
    3. Cigar : Filter
    4. Shoes : Socks

    Solution:  Now, if you try to make a relationship between the given pair you will find that tobacco is the main ingredient or constituent in Cigarette and if you try to find a similar relationship in the options given you will find it in the first pair itself. But mind you that you should go through all the options and pick up the most suitable option. The prime constituent of cigarette is tobacco. Similarly the prime constituent of coffee is caffeine. So, answer is a).


    Type-4 Choosing a similar word

    In this type of questions, a group of three/four words is given, followed by four other words as alternatives. You are required to choose the alternative, which is similar to the given word. Let’s take an example to be clearer on these types of questions.


    Example: Lucknow: Patna: Bhopal: Jaipur

    1. Indore
    2. Pune
    3. Mysore
    4. Shimla

    Solution :  Now in this example if you try to form a relationship between the words Lucknow, Patna, Bhopal and Jaipur , you will find that these are all capital cities of various Indian states  ( U.P, Bihar, M.P. And Rajasthan respectively). Similarly, Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Therefore, the answer is (d) Shimla.

    Type- 5 Detecting Analogies

    In this type of question you are required to trace out the hidden analogy or common characteristic among the given words or to choose the word which mentions the quality common to the given words.  Seems to be difficult but you know what this kind of analogy is the easiest of all. Let’s take an example to make things clearer to you.

    Example- Judo: Karate: Taekwando

    1. They are names of martial arts
    2. They can be performed by obese persons
    3. They are performed on stage
    4. They are important items of Asian games

    As I have discussed above that you need to trace out the hidden common characteristic between the given words. Now have a look at the words they are Judo, Karate and Taekwondo. And we all know that they are names of martial arts. And when we check the options the very first gives you the answer. Therefore, the answer is a).

    Type- 6 Multiple- Word ANALOGY

    In this type of questions,  group of three or four inter- related words are given. You  are required to find out the relationship between these words and choose another group with similar relationship, from amongst the options provided to you. Now let’s take an example to make things clearer.

    Example- Pen: Pencil : Ink

    1. Orange : Banana : Juice
    2. Table : Chair : Wood
    3. Cow : Milk : Curd
    4. Fish : Shark : Water

    Solution- As I have discussed earlier that you need to trace a relationship between the given three words and a similar relationship in the options given to you.  Now have a look at the given three words they are pen, Pencil and Ink. What you will find is that pen contains ink and pencil belongs to the same category as pen i.e. stationary. Similarly, orange contains juice and banana belongs to the same category as orange i.e. fruits. Therefore, we can conclude that answer is (a).

    Type-7 Alphabet ANALOGY

    In this type of questions, two groups of letters related to each other in some way, are given. You are required  to find out this relationship and then choose  either a letter-group which is related in the same way to a third group provided in the question or a pair consisting of similarly related letter groups. Guys in more easier words if you have practiced the topic coding and decoding well you can solve this type of analogies very easily. To have a clearer view let’s take an example. So, here we go

    Example: BEGK is related to ADFJ in the same way as PSVY is related to………?…….

    1. LOQT
    2. ROUX
    3. OTUZ
    4. ORUX

    Solution : In these types of questions you have to apply your skills of coding and decoding chapter. In this example you can clearly see that each letter of the second  group. Hence the answer is (d).



    This type can be further divided into three types of questions in number analogy those are :-

    1. Choosing a number related to a given number in the same manner as the two numbers of another given pair are related to each other.
    2. Choosing a similarly related pair as the given number pair on the basis of the relation between the numbers in each pair.
    • Choosing a number similar to a group of numbers on the basis of certain common properties that they possess.
    1. Choosing a number set similar to a given number set.

    These types of analogies can be perfected if you have practiced series completion questions.

    Example: 7 : 56 : : 9 : ?

    1. 63
    2. 81
    3. 90
    4. 99

    Solution: The relationship in the above analogy is  x : x (x + 1) .Therefore, the answer is  (c ).

    Example: 11 : 1210

    1. 8 : 448
    2. 6 : 2160
    3. 7 : 1029
    4. 9 : 729

    Solution :  The relationship in this analogy is x : x² (x – 1)

    Hope this helped you out. For more on analogies check Very common realtionships between analogies and also how to handle questions based on analogy.

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