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    Law Giri


    No. Words/Phrase/ Use Origin Correct English
    1. Ab initio Latin From the beginning
    2. Ab intra Latin From within
    3. Ab origine Latin From the origin
    4. Ad hoc Latin For the special purpose
    5. Ad hominem Latin To the man; personal
    6. Ad interim Latin In the meantime
    7. Ad libitum Latin As much as one pleases
    8. Ad nauseam Latin To the point of disgust
    9. Ad referendum Latin For further consideration
    10. Ad rem Latin To the purpose
    11. Ad Valorem Latin According to value
    12. Affaire d` amour Latin A love affair
    13. Anne Christi Latin  In the year of Christ
    14. Anno Domini Latin  In the year of our Lord
    15. Ante meridiem Latin Before noon
    16. Alter ego Latin One’s other self
    17. Ars longa, Vita brevis Latin Art is long, life is short
    18. Ay contraire Latin On the contrary
    19. Bona fides/Bona fide Latin Good faith (in good faith)
    20. Bon voyage French A good journey to you
    21. Bon ton French  Fashionable society
    22. Carpe diem Latin Enjoy the present day
    23. Coup d`etat French A sudden decisive blow in politics
    24. De boone grace French With good grace; Willingly
    25. De facto Latin Actually
    26. De june Latin From the law; by right
    27. De novo Latin Anew
    28. De lume Latin Sumptuous
    29. Detenu   A prisoner
    30. Dramatis Personae Latin Characters in a drama or a play
    31. Edition de luxe French A splendid and expensive edition of a bank
    32.  Elite French  The best part
    33. En bloc French  As one unit, wholesale
    34. En masse French In a mass or body
    35. En rapport French In agreement
    36. En route French On the way
    37. Exit Latin Goes out
    38. Example graia Latin By way of example
    39. Ex gratia Latin As an act of grace
    40. Ex officio Latin By virtue of one’s office
    41. Ex parte Latin One- sided
    42. Ex post facto Latin After the deed is done
    43. Gens de letters French Literary man
    44. Id est Latin That is
    45. Il penseroso Italian The pensive man
    46. Impasse French A deadlock
    47. In absentia Latin In absence
    48. In dubio Latin In doubt
    49. In principio Latin In the beginning
    50. In toto Latin In the whole; entirely
    51. Inter alia Latin Among other things
    52. Ipso facto Latin By that very fact
    53. Italic` Latin In Italian
    54. Lingua franca   Mixed language
    55. Laux deo Latin Praise to God!
    56. `Locus standi Latin A right to interfere
    57. Magnum opus Latin A great work
    58. Mala-fide Latin With bad faith
    59. Modus operandi Latin Manner of working
    60. Mon ami French My friend
    61. Mon cher French My dear
    62. N`importe French It matters not
    63. Nonsceteipsum Latin Know they self
    64. Nota bene Latin Mark well
    65. Omnia vincit amor Latin Love conquers all things
    66. Omnia vincit labor Latin Labour overcomes all things
    67. Par excellence French By way of eminence
    68. Par example Latin For example
    69. Pax vobiscum Latin Peace be with you
    70. Poste restante French To remain in the post-office till called for
    71. Prima facie Latin At first view
    72. Pro bono public Latin For the good of the public
    73. Pro patria Latin For  our country
    74. Quod erat demonstradum Latin Which was to be done
    75. Sans souci French Without care
    76. Sine cura Latin Without charge or care
    77. Sine die Latin Without a day being appointed
    78. Sine dubio Latin Without doubt
    79. Sine mora Latin Without delay
    80. Status quo Latin The state in which (it was)
    81. Ultra Vires Latin Beyond powers
    82. Vice versa Latin The terms of the case being inter- changed
    83. Vis-à-vis French Opposite; face to  face
    84. Viva voce Latin By the living voice



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