How is Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad: Complete Review by SLS, Hyderabad Law Student

How is the everyday working or life at your college? (Daily Schedule) 

 I haven’t been to the campus yet but yes as far as I can tell you from my online experience with my college is that our classes start from 9:30 in the morning and we have them till 3:45 pm  or so. However we have small breaks in between. After that the college gives us various research papers that we have to work on in the evening. Not just this, but also the college organizes various workshops; seminars etc. and we are pretty occupied with them as well. So, in totality you have to work extensively not just towards your academics but also give equal attention to your extra-curriculars.

How are the students in your class and batch? (Friendly or not/ serious about life or not) 

Not just my batch, but I would say that students across all the batches in the college are very friendly. You don’t have to ask your seniors for their help, they would be the one who would be approaching you and helping you every time and at every stage. Yes! They are very helping. Talking about their seriousness towards their career, they are goal oriented. They are very passionate and as well as encouraging. You as an individual are automatically pushed towards giving your best because all your peers are into a very healthy competition with you.

Did your college organized any activities to break the ice between you and your classmates, batch mates and seniors? 

No, actually due to lockdown as we were attending online classes, there were no such activities organized for us but yes, they did help us in getting connected with our seniors through social media and also made our seniors as our mentors so they could guide us through the college life. They  arranged some informal online meetings with our seniors as well so as to take our doubts.

Is there any interaction with the seniors or not? (Are the seniors helpful or not) 

Yes! Seniors are very helpful; they are always ready to help you. You can call them, text them they won’t mind. They won’t treat you as your juniors but their peers.

How is the faculty? 

The professors here in the college are very capable. They are ready to guide in every possible way they can. Not just in writing research papers but guiding you way through everything. You can text them, call them or email them anytime. Even during these online classes, they tried to bridge gap between the students and the faculty as much as they could!!

How much fees are you paying per year and what are the other necessary expenses that you have to incur? (What is the total expenditure per year for a student studying in your college) 

Presently, due to COVID 19 Pandemic, as we are not attending physical classes, the college is charging less amount of fee as it excludes mess and hostel fee and it is around 3 lakh  per annum. However, normally when you are at campus it will be around 5 lakh per annum. ( I would recommend you to check all these details once again on the website so as to have clarity).

Yes, there are some activities which require you pay some extra amount if you opt for the same but most of them are free of cost.

Is your college making sure that you participate in any extracurricular activities? (if yes, how and which activities) 

The  college makes certain activities compulsory for you like  the moot court which college organizes for you when you are in your first semester, internships after each semester and certain seminars etc. But rest I would say it totally depends upon you as an individual, if you show keen interest in all the activities, I would say the college won’t let you waste a minute even! You will keep on receiving mails one day after the other regarding various competitions, seminars, workshops, etc.

Is there any help that the college provides when it comes to applying for internships? 

Doing internship after each semester is compulsory in our college. You have  to apply through the college and send your CV to them. So, the college is very serious when it comes to doing internships.

How do you feel to be a student of your college? (Confident/ Proud/ Not that good) ( Explain Why) 

Actually that’s a good question!  Honestly, I am really happy with the kind of environment and the opportunities that are coming my way. I am not just doing academics, in these few months I have learnt so much from this college. I have been a part of various activities in less than a year of me into this college.

Would you recommend your college to other wanna be lawyers? (Why) 

 Yes, certainly I would. The reason is very simple, the college provides you firsthand experience not just in a particular field but would try to give you experience in multiple fields ranging from Moot Courts to Mediation Competitions etc . This gives a chance to an individual to choose for himself the best out of the rest as his career.

If given a chance, will you choose any other law school over your law school? 

Yes, there were confusions and doubts initially, when I was choosing a college for myself. But finally when I got admission into the college, I’ve realized that I wouldn’t have got anything better than this. So, probably the answer to these question would be a ‘NO’, I won’t choose any other college over this.

Manavi Dhingra

Legal Content Writer, Law Giri

Manavi is a student of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad.

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