SLAT 2020 Online Exam Experience: How I made it to Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad?

2020 has been a year of lot of uncertainties and difficulties especially for those who had to appear for various competitive exams. I was no exception!!

Almost all the entrance exams were getting postponed time and again due to the COVID-19 lockdown. But not all the universities did that, many of them decided to conduct a home proctored exam, and Symbiosis was one of them.

The University decided to conduct the SLAT (Symbiosis Law Admission Test) exam in the month of July. It was an entirely a new concept for many of us. We were really not aware of this concept of “Online Proctored Exam”. But I kept all this aside and just concentrated on my Preparations.

And the day came!!! I was well prepared and after revising all my notes once again, kept everything aside. Calmed myself and continuously assured myself that “I can do it”.

One thing I would really like to mention here, that whether it’s an online or an offline exam, there is always someone who will be monitoring you. Before appearing for any exam, it’s your duty to go through all the guidelines which that particular university has released on its website. We were very clearly informed in advance that you have to keep you cameras and microphones turned on during the entire exam. Any foul play will be immediately detected by the university.

Believe me this is a very impressive, innovative and totally a new method of conducting exams. The pattern of the exam is same, type of questions is no different and of course the marking scheme remains unaffected. The only difference is that you are sitting alone in a room and giving your exam. Isn’t that an additional benefit for us? There is no disturbance; you can very well concentrate on your exam. You are also able to build a good focus while you are attempting your WAT (Written Ability Test) and really believe  me, a lot of new ideas strike your mind when you are all alone.

So guys!! Don’t worry I know these are hard times when concentrating on your preparations become little difficult. Exams are getting postponed, some are changing their mode of conducting exams and also some changing their criteria of selection but friends just focus on the brighter side of the situation. You might say how? The answer to this is, by utilizing your time in preparations and leaving everything else aside!!

                                    “Focus on your goals and blur everything else”

All the Best!!!!


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