NMIMS Law School Review : Kirit P. Mehta School of Law

How is everyday work or life at your college? (Daily Schedule) 

NMIMS is a very prestigious college. Its first school of law is Kirit P. Mehta School of Law at Vile Parle, Mumbai. 

Many people in our country want to study only at NLUs, as NMIMS is a private  university, it strives to provide the best knowledge to its students. In order to provide  a good career for its students, NMIMS used to have some extra lectures in comparison to other universities. Here, the classes are almost 8 hours. 

At Vile Parle campus, they have a time of 8 AM – 4 PM on all days except Sunday,  and on the other hand, Navi Mumbai campus has a time of 9-4:30 PM, and there are  no lectures on Saturday and Sunday. I understand that this timing is a bit longer than  other colleges, but here you will definitely get good exposure. 

At NMIMS, students usually have at least 80% of attendance. In addition, if a student  is unable to attend a lecture due to unforeseen circumstances, the administration will  assist the student. 

NMIMS Bangalore, NMIMS Navi Mumbai, KIRIT P. MEHTA SCHOOL OF LAW  are the top schools in comparison to other campuses like Hyderabad, Indore, etc. 

How are the students in your class and batch? (Friendly or not/ serious about life or not) 

Here at NMIMS, we have a very friendly batch who really want to achieve something  in their lives. Everyone tries to help each other in the best way they can. We haven’t  met yet because of covid due to the online mode, but that did not let issues arise  between the classmates. There were some, but everything works out in the end, and in friendship, there will always be some issues; friendship without problems is not a  friendship. 

Did your college organize any activities to help you connect with your classmates, and seniors

Yes, at NMIMS, you will get an opportunity to participate in many activities with  your friends or batchmates. NMIMS usually organize these types of events very often. 

As everything has been happening online since last year, still NMIMS managed to  organize interaction events through a cultural committee at the campus through online mode. 

Is there any interaction with the seniors or not? (Are the seniors helpful or not)

Yes, as a first-year law student and a first-generation law student in my family, I  needed more and more help with research, research papers, writing a research paper,  understanding concepts in an online mode, which I found particularly difficult, how to join committees, how to write a statement of purpose, how to deal with problems in  college, and so on. For all of these activities and more, I contacted my seniors, who  helped me regardless of how busy they were. Now, I am in contact with many of my  seniors; some of them were doing an internship at a reputable law firm or high court,  but they still helped me by making time for their junior. 

At NMIMS, you will also get to see a very amazing and helping thing which is  allotting mentors to the juniors. i.e., juniors will get a mentor who will be their senior  and that mentor will guide them in the best possible way. 

How is the faculty? 

The faculty are truly outstanding and well-educated.They know how to make their  students feel comfortable. You may find that some of the faculties are not as good as  others, but this is a general issue; we would find that some of the faculties are not as  good in any educational institute. But here at NMIMS, the administration holds a  faculty feedback session at the end of each semester, where each and every student  can express their concerns, and the administration keeps the student’s name to  themselves and not to the faculties. So, students can freely give their opinion  regarding any of the faculty. 

It is just that your classmates do not give your name to the faculty. Someone might be  a sycophant towards one of the faculty. This might happen because of an online mode, because everyone gets to know the name of the person who is speaking. Otherwise, in 

offline mode, the various forms will be distributed to each and every student, and no  one will know what you wrote, and everything will be kept private. 

And, if there are such circumstances, that you really have some serious issues, you  can complain to the administration personally and get things sorted. If the majority of  the class has a problem, then the faculty might also get removed. 

How much fees are you paying per year and what are the other necessary  expenses that you have to incur? (What is the total expenditure per year for a  student studying at your college) 

So, at NMIMS, the fees differ for different campuses. 

I would like to give you a gist of the expenditure of almost all of the campuses in my  academic year 2020-21.

Campus Academic Expenditure Living expenditure 

Kirit P. Mehta School of  Law, Vile Parle Mumbai:  

Navi Mumbai Campus  and all other campuses 

RS. 2,00,000 – RS. 2,50,000 Vile Parle is an expensive area, so there  will be almost RS. 2,00,000 and living in a  

Hostel will be more expensive 

RS. 1,25,000 – RS.1,35,000 Living in a PG: almost 1,50,000 Living in college hostel: RS. 2,50,000 

Bangalore Campus RS. 1,51,500 No idea about PGs But the college hostel will be around Rs.2,50,000 

Is your college making sure that you participate in any extracurricular activities? (If yes, how and which activities) 

Yes, at NMIMS you will get many opportunities, like being a member of a committee. There are many committees of which you can be a member in the first year itself.  They bring you many types of competitions, like essay writing, moot court  participation, debate competition, and many more. 

Is there any help that the college provides when it comes to applying for  internships? 

Yes, NMIMS really helps its students in applying for an internship. NMIMS gives you two options, whether to apply through the placement cell of the college or on your  own. 

In the placement cell committee, your batchmates will be there who will be the  members of the committee and they will try to give you the opportunity for an  internship. 

How do you feel about being a student at your college? (Confident/ Proud/ Not  that good) (Explain Why) 

I am a proud student of NMIMS, because they really try to give you the best  knowledge of the world. They prepare you for international competitions. Here you  can get an international internship, national moot debate, international moot debate. 

Becoming a member of a committee will definitely boost your CV and your interview skills also. Because committees select members after several rounds, such as a  statement of purpose (which will help you learn how to write a CV) and an interview  (which will definitely teach you how to handle interviews in the process of selecting  for an internship), seniors and faculty members are both very helpful and understanding. 

Would you recommend your college to others who want to be lawyers? (Why)

Yes, I would definitely recommend my college to others because, as previously stated, here they will get too many opportunities such as international internship, national  moot debate, international moot debate, becoming a member of any of the  committees, seniors are very helpful, faculties are understanding and helpful, and if  you are having problems that you do not believe seniors or faculty can solve, you can  contact the administration for assistance. 

NMIMS have campuses in cities like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad,  which will definitely give you good exposure. 

Thanking you for giving it a read and your valuable time. 

Anurag Gupta

Legal Content Writer, Law Giri

Anurag Gupta is a student at NMIMS, Navi Mumbai.

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