Loosing motivation and confidence as a law student because of online law classes?

I have been receiving messages and e-mails wherein you all law students are feeling disconnected with law. Thanks to Covid-19. You were so enthusiastic when you got admission in a law school but since you weren’t able to attend classes in person, you are feeling disconnected.

Here are some solutions that are going to work for you:-

Understand the law subjects : Even if in the exams you have the liberty to copy answers from the book. Make sure that you are not compromising with the understanding part. You as a law student should have good knowledge of the law subjects that are there in your syllabus.

You might ask how to do this?

Step 1: Buy the books & bare acts (no soft copy only hard copy) Here are some book suggestions

Step 2: Try to understand the important concepts

If you want to know how to read a bare act as a beginner, click here.

Now, the next question that will pop up in your head is how to know what is important, click here to learn.

Either take help of your professor or cover the topics that are important for the exam. To know how to find out important topics, click here

Even if you make sure you have a good understanding of those  topics that is enough.

Visit office of a local lawyer in the evenings: The best way to connect with law is to start working in the office of a local lawyer. Prefer working with a Lawyer of District Court. In case, you are not able to find a lawyer who works in District Court then you can opt for any lawyer.

What to do when working with a lawyer?

Step 1 : Start reading files

  • Try to understand that what is the case all about.
  • Search about the law related to the case.
  • Make notes

Step 2: Ask the Lawyer if you can help

Some Do’s & Don’ ts

  1. Attend office everyday : That way the lawyer will start giving you work as there will be more trust
  2. Ask for work
  3. If no work, keep on reading files and observing how things work
  4. Don’t run behind big names

III. Participate in Virtual Moot Court, Debates & any other competition

IV. Make friends

No doubt, you haven’t met your friends yet but try to talk to them in the class Whatsapp groups and instead take an  initiative to bring the class together by organizing virtual class meet ups.

Step 5 : Get ready everyday  

I hope, you are not missing out on taking bath and getting ready. When the first lock down happened in 2020, it was a dream come true. No bathing, only eating and sleeping.

Thereafter, it got boring. I also started loosing on my motivation.

But then, I started getting up on time as if I have to reach the court. Started taking a bath everyday and getting ready as if I have to be there in the court. No, shots on the bottom and shirt on top. I started wearing my complete dress. And, it made a difference.

I hope you understand the moral of the story now, you know the drill i.e. to get up on time, get ready and then attend classes.

Step 5: Work on acquiring a Skill

As a law student, it is very important that you plan out that which skill you need to acquire every year and how you are going to acquire that skill. As a law student, you need to learn: How to draft? How to argue? How to research?

I will suggest, you watch Law Giri’s video wherein the entire planning has been done for you.

Written By: Law Giri

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