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    Law Giri

    Do you get confused when you see questions like Lotus temple: Delhi and Jaipur: Rajasthan. Are you unable to form various combinations? You know what? You guys are making mistakes in analogy based questions just because of the reason that you don’t have the strategy and also the secret tips of Law Giri. But don’t worry in this article I am going to discuss the secret tips and also the strategies to get all the analogy based questions correct in the exam.

    Note- These types of questions appear in mosty all law exams like AILET (NLU- Delhi), SLAT (Symbiosis), MAH CET,BHU, DU, PU, etc.

    Let’s start with what an analogy basically is

    Analogy:  In general analogy is a parallel that is drawn between two different, but sufficiently similar events, situations, or circumstances. A verbal analogy draws a parallel between one pair of words and another pair of words. In easier words analogy is basically an indirect method of testing your vocabulary. There is a pair of words given which has a certain relationship which needs to be identified and then you need to choose the correct option.

    Steps to solve an analogy based question

    Step 1 -To find the relation between the words

    Your main aim should be to find the relationship between the words. You should remember that in analogy the order should also be the same. You can become a good detective if you practice a lot of questions based on analogy and also you should know the common relationships & patterns tested in such questions, so that you can easily solve these types of questions in your law exam.

    Step-2 – Making a sentence

    Once you are able to trace the relationship between the words. The very next step is to make a sentence.

    For Example: Sheep: Flock

    Sentence: Flock is a collection of sheep.

    Step 3- Look at the alternatives and try spotting the correct answer

    When you are done with the first two steps which should not take much type, you should try to find out the correct option which is similar not only in relationship but also in order as he given analogy.

    Step 4 – Method of Elimination

    If you are still not able to find the correct answer the best thing is that you try to eliminate two of the most unlikely choices.

    Note: All this should not take more than 20 seconds ones you are an expert in this topic.

    Tips and Strategies

    1. Good Vocabulary

    You need to have a good vocabulary because as I have told you earlier also that analogy is an indirect test of Vocabulary. This is the most important tip to get your analogies right. So, start working on your word power.

    2.You need to remember than many English words have more than one meaning

    3.Don’t be in a hurry

    Guys never be in a hurry. If you do so you can end up making a choice which seems to be correct but is not actually correct. So, you should go through all the options before making the final choice.

    1. Make it a habit to check the meaning of the words from the Dictionary

    When you are practicing questions based on analogy make it a habit to check the dictionary for the meaning if you have got a wrong answer.

    I Hope that these articles are helping you out. For any query related to the same or CLAT preparation you can leave your comments below. You can also catch me on Instagram @iamlawgiri

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